Bookkeeping Services

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All Maltese registered companies are required by the Maltese Companies Act to maintain accurate accounting records which reflect a true and fair view of the actual financial performance of the company.

Correct data entry is a vital element in creating reports, management accounts, VAT reporting and data analysis.

In this regard, outsourcing bookkeeping services enables you to focus on other core business objectives, where your expertise can be used to create revenue for the company.

MiTo Consultancy will step in providing bookkeeping services, reducing finance and accounting costs, whilst ensuring that the business remains compliant with evolving financial reporting requirements. We will keep up-to-date and accurate accounts receivable, payable and general ledgers, fixed asset registers, record payroll and will perform all reconciliations. We will prepare financial statements which will be sent for review and approval, before being passed on to an auditor.

MiTo Consultancy has the flexibility to adapt to your needs and to become your business accounting department. The benefit of this service is that it provides a sound basis for informed decision making.