Why us

Reasons why you should entrust your business with us

Client Attention

MiTo Consultancy is new and humble. Each and every client will be treated with the much sought after attention.


MiTo Consultancy is a one-stop shop. A number of other providers have been identified, generally working with the same concept of work-from-home, keeping low costs and able to charge a fee which is much less than the market prices, these will be supporting MiTo Consultancy to meet all the client’s requests. It is understandable that when a client opts to choose a service provider, it would be because they can get all or most of the services required from it, and MiTo caters for this.

Direct Communication

You will have one contact person throughout, simply because this is mostly a one-man venture. Therefore there is no risk of having to contact different people all the time and having to explain to them repeatedly the same thing. There is no risk that your contact person quits the job and gives a 10 minute handover to the next person who will then have to understand from the beginning what your company does, and bills you for it.

Cost Savings

Work is done entirely by a qualified accountant and not by juniors who then have to be reviewed by another senior and the time on a particular task gets doubled. This will be reflected in lower fees.


Vast knowledge on the sector through several years of experience.

Time Efficient

There is a greater understanding of the business and the requirements of the client, therefore the guidance will be in a timely and effective manner.